Bishop Willimon Among 25 Most Influential Preachers


The May-June issue of Preaching, a magazine for preachers celebrated its twenty-fifth year of publication by a survey of readers that lists the twenty-five most influential preachers in the last twenty-five years. Billy Graham, Charles Swindoll, Rich Warren were the top four. Bishop William H. Willimon, the only United Methodist on the list, was listed at nineteen. Barbara Brown Taylor and Fred Craddock, who have taught many preachers in North Alabama, were also listed.

“Though I don’t know how accurate or valuable these lists are, it’s affirming to be included on anybody’s list of influential preachers,” said Bishop Willimon, “I’ve enjoyed using Preaching magazine over the years and it’s an honor to be included.”

His latest book, Preaching Master Class was published this spring by Cascade Publishers. The Sermons of William Willimon will be published by WJKP this fall.


1. Audie Hodges wrote on 7/7/2010 7:29:34 PM
Awesome...congratulations to Bishop Willimon!
2. Sandra Mosley Gerhardt wrote on 7/16/2010 2:24:50 AM
Congratulations Bishop Willimon! We North Alabama United Methodists are blessed beyond words to have you as our leader!
3. Jarvis Brewer wrote on 7/16/2010 10:51:16 AM
Congratulations Bishop Will. A great and well deserved honor, but too low on the list. Jarvis