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ServeAlabama offers Volunteer Management Course

By: Randy Burbank on 4/8/2014

Serve Alabama, the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Volunteer Service, has scheduled Local Volunteer and Donations Management courses in several North Alabama locations.

Flood Response: April 7, 2014

By: Randy Burbank on 4/7/2014

If there has been any storm related damages or flooding, first contact your District Disaster Response Coordinators with as much information as you can obtain.

Huffman UMC Hungry Readers: Sharing, Learning, and Growing through Books

By: Adult Discipleship Team on 4/2/2014

We share, we learn, we grow – as Christians. And not only do we learn, but in a sense, we witness to each other through our discussions.

Chosen to Serve

By: Steve Lyles on 4/1/2014
Topics: Lay Ministry

This month I am going to share a devotional I recently presented to the Lay Ministry meeting at Camp Sumatanga in March of 2014.

One Great Hour of Sharing offering

By: Debra Wallace-Padgett on 3/27/2014

This Sunday, March 30, we have the opportunity to again join with many other United Methodists around the world in participating in the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Thank you for considering this giving opportunity.  What a wonderful way to be a part of sharing God’s love both here and around the globe.

Children: A Link Between Poverty, Metal Illness & Guns

By: Advocacy Team on 3/20/2014

Poverty can be a significant risk factor for poor physical health and mental health.  According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, children and youth from low-income households are at increased risk for mental health problems.  21% of low-income children and youth, ages 6 through 17, have mental health problems.  57% of these low-income children and youth come from households with incomes at or below the federal poverty level.

Prayer Team experience enhances Annual Conference

By: Adult Discipleship Team on 3/18/2014

A reflection by prayer team volunteer Kim Bryan

What an inspirational idea, I thought, when the Prayer Walk concept was explained to me.

Retiree News 13 March 2014

By: Jesse Shaddix on 3/13/2014
Topics: Retiree News

Retired clergy luncheon at noon on March 4 at Gardendale/Mt. Veron UMC

About 68 retired United Methodist clergy and spouses gathered for a special luncheon at Gardendale / Mt. Vernon UMC on Tuesday, March 4th.    The Rev. Herb Williamson called the meeting to order; The Rev. Robin Scott blessed the meal.  Those present thanked Dr. Ralph Bates for the securing of the funds for the lunch.  They also thanked Mrs. Joree Vance and Mrs. Betty Gunn for the decorations and the arrangements. Mrs. Jennifer Lindholm catered the meal.  

Following the meal, three persons told about the activities of existing Fellowship groups for retired clergy in the Conference: The Rev. Charles Boling represented the Decatur group; The Rev. Charles Hazel represented the Blackburn Court group; and Betty Gunn represented the First Tuesday group of the Birmingham area.  


The Rev. Lee Padgett, interim director of Camp Sumatanga spoke to the group about new activities and events at Camp and urged continued support and attendance.  

Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett thanked the group and also spoke in encouragement of Camp Sumatanga.

After prayer concerns were lifted, the meeting closed with the benediction by the Rev. Bob Alford.

Aldersgate Covenant Gathering - May 16-17, 2014

By: Debra Wallace-Padgett on 3/11/2014

The Aldersgate Covenant Gathering is an opportunity for United Methodists from across the connection who have a passion for renewal to come together to pray, worship and watch for God’s movement among us. Our hope is that persons from a variety of backgrounds, regions and perspectives will show up in Kansas City for 20 very special hours on May 16-17, 2014.   

Imagine No Malaria

By: Steve Lyles on 3/4/2014
Topics: Lay Ministry

Now is the time for youth groups, Sunday school classes, small groups, mission groups, United Methodist Women’s Circles, Men’s groups, Emmaus Cluster groups and individuals to get busy to raise funds to satisfy our North Alabama Conference goal of one million dollars.

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