About Us

The North Alabama Conference is a connection of the approximately 739 United Methodist Churches within geographical area from the middle of Alabama north to the Tennessee state line.

An Annual Conference is the basic organizational body in The United Methodist Church. A Bishop presides over an Annual Conference.  The Annual Conference is organized in smaller groups of churches called Districts.  The North Alabama Conference is made up of eight Districts.

The Annual Conference connects local churches together. Churches contribute financial resources (a portion of their local church budget known as "apportionments") which enables the Annual Conference to support ministry projects within its boundaries and throughout the world.

United Methodist pastors are itinerate within an Annual Conference area, which means they move from church to church during their ministry career.

Once a year clergy and lay representatives from each pastoral charge gather for an Annual Conference meeting. During this three-day event, the representatives worship together and share in times of Bible study, they hear stories of ministry and determine the programs and direction of ministry for the Annual Conference for the next year.