Native American Comprehensive Ministries

Native American Comprehensive Plan

Rev. Anita Phillips, Executive Director
Phone: 918-622-4230

Mission Statement:
The Native American Comprehensive Plan shall serve as the United Methodist entity that resources, strengthens, and advocates for the local church in Native American communities/contexts for all generations.

Goals for 2009–2012

Develop and Support New and Existing Native American Churches and Faith Communities

  • Assist annual conferences in establishing new churches.
  • Offer a resource and support services to new and existing churches.
  • Provide training and consultation to annual conference committees on Native American Ministries (CONAM).


Resource Development

  • Develop curriculum specific to Native communities.
  • Identify, empower, and deploy Native American writers and resource persons, and utilize their work.
  • Produce a new worship resource, Voices II.
  • Develop a directory of resource persons for local churches.
  • Develop a “virtual listening post” for Native youth.


Developing Leadership

  • Undertake a study on evangelism in the Native community and produce a written resource.
  • Consult with clergy persons (both Native and non-Native) serving Native ministries and communities.
  • Conduct a lay speaking school, with special emphasis on youth.
  • Hold a Native American Women in Ministry Conference.


Offer the Gifts of the Native American Community to All Levels of The United Methodist Church

  • Provide speakers, teachers, and facilitators for the general church.
  • Provide scholarships to attend United Methodist events, such as Focus and Exploration, with special emphasis on youth events.


Advocate for inclusion of Native American United Methodists to serve at all levels of the church.

Through the work of the Native American Comp- rehensive Plan Task Force, which addresses these priorities and objectives, Native American persons, families, churches, and communities may be served through The United Methodist Church. In so doing, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the gifts and graces of Native Americans may be conjoined—producing new disciples, forming existing disciples, and celebrating the great diversity of God’s created peoples.