Shipment of relief supplies for Haiti departs North Alabama








The plane was packed with only space left for the pilot and
one passenger.






The shipment included water purification systems (blue boxes),
a satellite uplink system (black box) and medical supplies.

On Tuesday morning, January 19, 2010, a PX-12 airplane departed Huntsville, Ala, with relief supplies for Haiti including water purification systems and medical supplies.

This shipment of supplies is a joint effort of several organizations including the North Alabama Conference Disaster Warehouse, SIFAT, members of Trinity United Methodist Church in Huntsville and others.

Rev. Ray Crump, Director of the North Alabama Conference Disaster Warehouse in Decatur says, “Many miracles took place to have this happen.”

“The plane will land in Barahona, Dominican Republic and travel 20 miles to an orphanage in Jimani, Haiti,” he adds. “This 40 bed orphanage that was scheduled to open in February had 1,800 people in their compound last Thursday night.”

The shipment includes 10 water purification systems. Each system will produce 10,000 gallons of drinking water per day. The rest of the shipment is medical and included health kits and food donated by North Alabama United Methodists.

Crump explains that Dr. David Vanderpool, a general surgeon from the Nashville, Tenn. area, is currently at the orphanage in Haiti. On Monday he made contact with his wife back in Nashville listing medicines and medical supplies that were needed. She worked with a Nashville-area hospital to collect the supplies and get them to Huntsville to be a part of this shipment.

Crump adds, “The plane also has a satellite uplink system for video and telephone messaging. It will be activated Thursday evening. This can give us up to the minute information on what is needed.”

One need that has been communicated is food – specifically rice, dry beans, powdered milk and powered infant formula. The North Alabama United Methodist Disaster Warehouse is collecting these specific items along with Health Kits, which are also still needed.


1. Mac & Jane Larkin wrote on 1/24/2010 3:42:44 PM
Ray Crump is a true servant of God in disaster relief.