Lakeview UMC in Tanner receives Charter Church Award


On Sept. 2, 2012, Lakeview UMC in Tanner (Northwest District) received a Charter Church Award.  This recognition is for North Alabama churches that can document the congregation was founded before 1870.

The award was presented by Mrs. Nell Berry, Chairperson of the North Alabama Conference Commission on Archives and History.

Lakeview UMC is a successor to the Limestone African Mission that was founded on October 22, 1845 as part of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The Rev. Turner P. Holman was the first pastor serving under appointment in 1845. When the Methodist Episcopal Church officially returned to Alabama after the Civil War, Rev. James Hunt was appointed as pastor in 1867.

Current Lakeview UMC pastor Rev. Wylheme H. Ragland along with lay members Olivia Bridgeforth Sims, William S. Bridgeforth, Renwick Cosby and Alfonzo Ruffin received the award for the congregation.


1. Frances White wrote on 9/27/2012 9:26:54 AM
Yes, the Lord is truly blessing Lakeview UMC, and the community around it. As well as given us a new church to worship in, He has blessed us with the knowledge of knowing how we began. So now it is up to us, as christians, to continue our journey of worshiping and making disciples so we can continue in the building up of His kingdom. Lakeview is continuing to let the devil know that he is a lie, and there is no place for him at Lakeview United Methodist Church. Love and Peace be with you!